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Students walking together on campus --- Image by © John Fedele/Blend Images/CorbisHere you’ll find all of our college admissions newsletters that we used to publish throughout the year, dating back several years. We now publish our newsletter with a recap of the weekly blogs. These newsletters present tips for getting into the Ivy League, tips that you otherwise may never have known. Our college admissions newsletters are intended for college applicants and parents as they navigate the highly selective college admissions process and, in particular, the Ivy League admissions process. If you read a number of our newsletters, you’ll have a better idea of the kinds of mistakes so many Ivy League applicants and other college applicants make when they apply to Ivy League colleges and other highly selective colleges. We try to ingrain our tips in your head so that you or your child won’t make the same such mistakes. Read More

In our college admissions newsletters that collectively focus on getting into the Ivy League, we offer tips on how to approach the Common Application Personal Statement. Most college applicants submit bad Personal Statements. Maybe these Personal Statements offer little insight into an applicant. Or maybe they offer insight that a college applicant should know better than to offer! We also write about how students can have a big impact on their teacher and school counselor letters of recommendation.

We offer advice on how to get off the college waitlist. We discuss college rankings in depth and compare them to fantasy sports. That’s right. Fantasy sports. We write about what kind of numbers make for respectable SAT and ACT scores. We outline what students should do should they be deferred from their Early school. We write about college interviews, the Why College essay, how to make the most of summer activities, and so much more.

Getting into the Ivy League is absolutely about the numbers. But there’s also so much more to it. Students with perfect grades and perfect SAT or ACT scores are denied admission year after year. Here, you’ll find out why. So peruse our college admissions newsletters offering tips on getting into the Ivy League and find out what you don’t know or what you thought you knew (but it turns out you weren’t right).

Campus Visits


If you're a high school student now is a great time to be making your campus visits. Many students wait until the summer months to visit schools and, on the surface, this may seem like a logical decision.

Advanced Placement Tests


In May of 2012, two million high school students took 3.7 million Advanced Placement tests. Out of the 14.8 million high school students in the U.S. in grades 9 through 12, 18% passed at least one Advanced Placement exam with a minimum score of 3 on a scale of 1 … 

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Summer Plans and College Admission


A well-planned summer experience where you develop your interests and your talents just might help you gain admission to the college of your choice.

Common App Personal Statements


In this newsletter, we’re going to focus on the Common App personal statement and, through a few vignettes, we’re going to show you some common mistakes that students make to see if you can pinpoint what exactly they did wrong.

Private College Counselors


We're in this business because when we receive those phone calls from our students informing us that they got into several of the most selective colleges in the country (their top choices), they couldn't be happier.

Counselor Letters of Recommendation


In addition to having great teacher letters of recommendation, a letter of recommendation from a guidance counselor is also required.

Teacher Letters of Recommendation


In the years that we have been in practice here at Ivy Coach, we have seen them all. We have seen the letter of recommendation in which the teacher forgot to do a “Replace All” from a previous letter: “Scott is a very bright and eager student. When Sarah got a question wrong on an exam, she approached me to figure out how he could avoid that kind of mistake in the future.”

The College Waitlist


A waitlist system is devised as a cushion so that the college ends up with what they estimate as a targeted freshman class.

The Campus Visit, Rankings, and Fantasy Sports


There are other reasons for visiting campuses, reasons a bit less obvious. And these reasons should encourage you to visit schools before you apply.

The Alumni Interview – What Applicants Should NOT Do


Avoid these pitfalls and chances are good that you’ll leave a positive impression. You never know if this interview could make the difference in your chances for admission.

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