We Get Results

Our college admissions assistance works. Our students get into their top choice colleges year after year. From Harvard to Duke to MIT, our kids get admit letters. 100% of them get into one of their top three college choices. And 93% get into their top college choice. The results of our college admissions assistance are that simple. Does that mean we can help a kid with failing grades get into Duke? No. Absolutely not. We won’t take the case of unreasonable parents and students. And unless you’re Melinda Gates, your daughter with failing grades isn’t getting into Duke. Read More

Our college admissions assistance helps our students stand out from the pack of competitive college applicants. They’ve got powerful college admissions essays. They’ve got terrific letters of recommendation from their teachers and school counselors. With the help of our SAT or ACT tutoring, their test scores are top notch. They take the most rigorous courses and excel in them.

They show interest in the colleges to which they apply. They ace their college interviews. Their extracurriculars dovetail their college admissions essays and weave compelling, truthful narratives. They shed light on who they are and what they’re all about. This is indeed at the heart of our college admissions assistance. While many of the students who receive our college admissions assistance go on to Ivy League colleges, they also apply to and often attend a host of other great colleges. You’ll find those colleges below.

Colleges that Ivy Coach's students have attended in the last five years...