At Ivy Coach, We Get Results

College Counselor Results

For over 30 years, Ivy Coach has helped students earn admission to the colleges of their dreams. For some students, that dream is Harvard, Yale, Princeton, or Stanford. Yet, for other students, that dream is Bates or Colby. We help students earn admission to the best college they can get into based on their academic profiles.

Of course, when students come to us earlier in high school, we help shape those profiles. But even when students come to us later in high school or after they’ve been deferred or denied in the Early Decision/Early Action round, we make the best of our hand and optimize their go-forward case for admission.

Let’s be clear: We can’t help a student with D grades get into Stanford (although we once did, it was an exceptional circumstance!). And we won’t take on a student or parent with unreasonable expectations. But we regularly help students get into their reach schools, schools which likely would have been out of reach without Ivy Coach’s assistance.

Ivy Coach’s Results Over 30 Years

Over the last 30 years in the Early round, every single student who completed applications with Ivy Coach’s assistance earned admission the following number of times, marking perfect sweeps for Ivy Coach’s students at the respective institutions:

Harvard College 26 times
Yale University 24 times
Princeton University 25 times
Columbia University 27 times
Dartmouth College 28 times
Brown University 24 times
University of Pennsylvania 27 times
Cornell University 24 times
Stanford University 27 times
Duke University 27 times